Learning Python my journey and top tips!

Over the last year or so, I've finally got the hang of object orientated programming. An unsurprising enabler was learning python.

Lots of people have seen me on the journey and have asked me for some links and tips.

And the good news is you can learn all this stuff for free! Gratis…. no money….However! I will be giving Corey and Engineer man some money via Patreon, because I learned so much more than with Lynda or Linkedin learning etc.. and I give them £30pm

At a high level

  1. Set up your dev environment

  2. Learn quickly

  3. Learn deeper

  4. Learn git

  5. Get into flask, flask-rest,SQLAlchemy, openAPI

  6. Learn Docker and show off your warez

Setting up your dev environment.

Visual Studio Code ... watch this video (pc/mac). Everything you need to know about setting up a Windows / Mac python dev environment in python




I like using vagrant for portable dev enviroments, docker for me comes later in the cycle.


Learn Quickly

Engineer man, 10 videos

Learn Deep

Corey Schafer is your man

Learn git

Coery to the rescue here

Get into Flask, Flask-rest, SQLAlchemy, openAPI

Would you know it



Learn docker