3D printing and girlfriends

I love my Ulitmaker2, but it wasn't warmly welcomed into our home.

Justifying £1700 is easy for a geek like me.  For my girlfriend (GF) she thought it was another waste of time and money on something that oozes hot plastic and goes up/down - side to side.

However i'm happy to report the situation has improved. Lots of business items have been "ozzed" out and the GF seems happier that i'm happy tinkering :)

Much so i'm even making commissions for the GF

As a first update to the new blog, I thought id show the easter egg mold I was asked to make.

Autocad fusion360 is my current 3d tool of choice.

Heres the render

And here's the final result, printed on my ultimaker2 with Blue – 2.9mm Polymaker PolyPlus PLA Filament from my new friends @ www.dream3d.co.uk

Heres how it looks


The hole at the bottom was a bit small so I drilled it out. Ive updated the model. Which incidentally I uploaded to thingy-verse.


So I guess question is, where's my chocolate egg? GF..over to you.